Serving Young People

Could you or someone you know be forced into a marriage? Are you worried about where to find support, or who to go to for advice? Are you concerned about confidentiality when discussing these issues? We can help!

Practical Solutions has over 12 years experience of working with forced marriage, honour based violence, (honour killings) and the impact on young people. We are fully aware of the sensitivity required, we know all about the differences between religion and culture, and therefore fully understand how young people from certain backgrounds and religions can be affected. Our service is completely confidential at all times, except when there is an issue of child abuse and/or a danger to life.

We offer up-to-date correct advice, support and guidance on help before, during and after a forced marriage. We can assist with legal aspects such as changing your name, and provide information on how to continue with your education, and benefit claims.

From time to time we involve other professionals who are able to assist in providing the best care and support for you. However, do not worry, as confidentiality is our key priority. We understand that it is also a main concern for you which is why we have the unique anonymous advice feature on the website, which we highly recommend.