1. My organisation sees young people on a regular basis, but we don’t have any policies or procedures to deal with forced marriages. Can you help?
    We can assist with drawing up a forced marriage/honour based violence policy which is suitable for your organisation. For general information you can also refer to the revised multi-agency guidelines for front line professionals, drawn up by the Forced Marriage Unit in consultation with practitioners.
  2. I don’t want to interfere with a culture or tradition, as I fear being called racist or ignorant, what should I do?
    Forced marriage and honour based violence is domestic abuse, and an abuse of Human Rights, and as such it must be stopped. We have an ethical and moral duty to help those in these dreadful situations. Please contact us for confidential support and advice.
  3. I manage a team of mental health workers, and we have little knowledge of forced marriage and honour violence. Would you be able to assist with this?
    We offer bespoke training on these issues, which would include some cultural and religious information, what to look out for, and how to deal with an incident or situation of forced marriage/honour based violence.
  4. Which agency or organisation has overall responsibility to assist forced marriage and honour based violence victims?
    Dealing with forced marriage and honour based violence is the responsibility of all organisations. A multi-agency, person-centred approach is necessary in order to protect the vulnerable individual and provide the best possible service.
  5. Is forced marriage not allowed in some religions?
    No not at all. All major world faiths condemn this practice.
  6. Would we be able to refer a victim or potential victim of forced marriage to you?
    Yes, you can refer victims or potential victims to Practical Solutions. We can also assist you in dealing with a forced marriage/honour based violence situation.